I was born in Mexico in 1988.  My mother was born in the United States and my father was born in Mexico.  I have lived in the United States pretty much since birth.  My mother was very young when she gave birth to me, in fact she was a teenager, and did not know what exactly my status was.  She brought me to the U.S. when I was still a newborn and here I went to school and graduated from high school.  When I wanted to go to college we realized that I did not have any evidence of legal status in the United States. Things became complicated when I tried to enroll in college.  It was at this time that we decided we needed to do something about my situation.  My mother filed a petition on my behalf and after a couple of years I received an interview in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  I went to Mexico for the first time ever (since my birth) and at the interview I was told I could not come back for ten years unless I filed a waiver demonstrating extreme hardship to my mother.  My interview was scheduled for several months later and we did not know how I was going to support myself in Mexico. That is when we decided to retain an attorney.  We found the Law Offices of Roxana V. Muro on the internet.  My mother and family met with her and she said she would research the matter because she believed that I may already be a citizen of the United States.  Sure enough, she called my mother and she prepared a passport application with supporting evidence and made me an appointment at the American Embassy in Tijuana, Mexico.   I went to the appointment and could not believe that I left that office with an American Passport.

Juan T.

I was born in Mexico and obtained my permanent residency in 1971, when I was still an adolescent.  I was very happy about having the ability to reside in the United States as a permanent resident.  When I finished high school I decided to enroll in the military to serve my country honorably.  I spent four years in the military and received an honorable discharge in 1981.  In addition, I received many other awards and commendations from the U.S. for my service .

After I left the military I got into some trouble. I was convicted of a crime for which I received some time in state prison.  I committed a huge mistake but I did everything the State expected me to do; I paid my fines, I served my time, I rehabilitated myself and learned my lesson.  I have never had any problems with any law enforcement agencies or anyone since my big mistake in the early 80s.  On the contrary, I obtained good employment and have been very successful in my career.

I never applied for citizenship in the past but I became very excited about U.S. politics, especially the recent election. I decided it was time to apply for citizenship, after all, my entire family is comprised of US Citizens.  I filed my application and the US Citizenship & Immigration Services informed me that I may have some problems because of my 1983 incident. I may even have faced removal proceedings for the past crime.  I was terrified and decided to retain an attorney.

I retained the Law Offices of Roxana V. Muro to assist me with this matter. With her assistance my application was approved.  Attorney Muro presented favorable factors in my case to the US Citizenship & Immigration Services.  The USCIS was convinced that although I committed one mistake in my past I had indeed reformed and rehabilitated.  The USCIS took into consideration my past honorable service to the military and my excellent record since 1983.  They agreed that according to their own policies it was appropriate to grant my application for citizenship.

Victor L.
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