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What is Bond Hearing?

Immigration services have the authority to detain immigrants for any number of reasons, the most common being deportation. If detained, an immigrant will be placed in what is essentially jail. If an immigrant has been detained by US immigration services, either the Citizens and Immigration Service or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the immigrant has the right to request a bond hearing to determine whether a bond should be granted to the immigrant.

Bond is a system by which the immigrant pays money to the immigrant and can leave the immigration facility they are being detained. If the immigrant returns to immigration court on all of the dates they are required to, the money will be refunded back to the immigrant. If they do not return to immigration, the money will be forfeited, and they will be detained again by the immigration services.

The immigration judge determines whether to grant a bond to the immigrant as well as the bond amount and has fairly wide discretion in this decision. The main factor in whether an immigrant will be granted bond is their flight risk. If the immigration judge believes the person is unlikely to return, the court bond will not be granted. Because of this, generally, the more serious the immigrant’s charges are, the less likely they will be granted bond. The minimum amount of bond an immigration judge can grant is $1500, and there is no maximum amount.

Immigration judges may NOT grant bond to individuals who fall into the following categories:

  • Are classified as an “arriving alien”.
  • Did not lawfully enter the United States
  • Have engaged in activities that threaten the national security of the United States
  • Have committed certain crimes in the United States

Generally, a detained immigrant can request a bond hearing either verbally or in writing. An immigrant may verbally request a bond hearing at the initial hearing with the judge. In some situations, it may take several days for an immigrant to have an initial hearing; in this case, the immigrant may request a bond hearing with the immigration judge in writing.

Immigrants are allowed to have legal representation in their bond hearings. Bond hearings are a serious matter and can significant consequences. It is in any detained immigrants’ best interest to hire legal counsel for their bond hearing.

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