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What is an Artist Visa?

There are several different types of visas a person may apply to gain entry and stay in the United States. One of the more unique visas is the O-1 Visa, also known as an artist visa. An Artist Visa is a temporary work permit. An artist visa is granted to “individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the science, arts, education, business or athletics, or who has demonstrated a record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and has been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements.” In other words, the Artist Visa is granted to those who have excelled in one of the above-mentioned areas. The classic example of the Artist Visa is a non-American athlete who is drafted into the NHL or NBA. The player is granted a visa to play professional sports at a high level in the United States. There are of course other examples of the Artist Visa, but this is likely the most well understood. Other professions that may qualify for an Artist Visa are professors, chefs, musicians, and actors.

The Artist Visa can last for a short time or pretty much indefinitely depending on the circumstances. The standard length of an Artist Visa is three years, but it can be shortened or lengthened depending on the situation.

Spouses and children of the O-1 applicant can travel to the US with the applicant, as can assistants to the O-1 applicant that are important to the applicant’s work.

How do I qualify for an Artist Visa?

While being drafted into a professional American sports league is a pretty clear-cut example of an Artist Visa, it can be more challenging to obtain an Artist Visa for an industry that is not as mainstream and more subjective. For example, what is the threshold for an artist to be considered an artist with exceptions ability and therefore eligible for an Artist Visa? In these types of situations, the O-1 applicant will be required to prove their extraordinary ability. There are a number of things that can be used to prove the extraordinary ability, including:

  • A national-level award (scientific, mathematic, etc.)
  • A high-level employee in a major business
  • Staring in a significant play, movie, television show
  • Written recognition from experts in the applicant’s profession

The Artist Visa is a work visa; therefore, an O-1 visa applicant must be sponsored by a US employer before obtaining the visa. The employer will sponsor the O-1 applicant and ensures that the O-1 applicant will work in their field while in the United States. If the applicant ends their relationship with the sponsor and gains another US employer sponsor, they will need to apply for another O-1 visa.

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