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What is Deportation?

The United States reserves the right to deport unlawful immigrants. Unlawful immigrants include individuals who entered the United States illegally, individuals who violated some requirements or conditions of their visa, or individuals who overstay their visas. If the United States brings deportation against an individual and wins their case, the individual will be forced to leave the United States. Deportation proceedings can have tremendous impacts; depending on the situation, immigration may be held by immigration authorities until their case is resolved. If a person is deported, they will likely be unable to enter the United States for any reason again.

In many cases, especially situations involving visas, the United States provides the immigrant in question the chance to challenge the deportation charges brought by the United States. Deportation cases are heard by immigration courts. The immigration court allows the immigrant, or their attorney, to present evidence as to why they should not be deported. Immigration courts generally try to reach decisions on deportation cases within 180 days of the final hearing.

What are Deportation Defenses?

Under United States law, there are a number of defenses to deportation. The defenses can be used in the deportation proceedings to explain why a person should not be deported. The best deportation defense will depend on the specific facts of the deportation proceedings.

Some potential deportation defenses include:

  • Adjustment of status. It may be possible that the unlawful immigrant may be eligible for a change of status to some lawful immigration status.
  • Asylum. If a person has fled their country due to persecution or will be subject to persecution if they return home, they may be able to apply for asylum status. The US allows asylee to remain in the United States to protect them.
  • Withholding of removal. Similar to asylum, if a person could face persecution for returning home, they may be able to remain in the United States. This is a separate status than asylee and does not have the same amount of protection as an asylee. For example, there is no possibility of obtaining permanent residency through the withholding of removal

There are just a few of the possible deportation defenses. Hiring an attorney will a person the best chance of prevailing with deportation defense.

If an immigrant prevails on deportation defense, they will not be deported, and if applicable, their immigrant status may change. For example, if an asylum claim is accepted as deportation defense, the person will no longer be classified as an unlawful immigrant but will be classified as an asylee and will be treated as such by the US immigration system.

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