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What is Deferred Inspection?

Any time an immigrant enters the United States, they are required to show their proper immigration documentation to the US immigration officials for inspection and verification. This is required whether an immigrant is entering the United States for the first time or if they are returning from a trip abroad. Documents an immigrant may be required to provide to immigration officials include a visa, a green card, a temporary work, or any other number of required documents. Additionally, the documentation must be correct, as well. For example, the person’s name matches the name visa.

If for any reason, the immigration officials are unable to verify the documentation when the immigrant enters the United, they may allow the immigrant to have a deferred inspection at a later date. So for example, if a person has most of, but not all of the documents required at an inspection, or if the name on the visa does not exactly match the name of the person presenting the visa, the immigration officials may impose a deferred inspection.

It is important to note that deferred inspection is mostly intended to deal with honest mistakes or clerical errors. So, for example, a person who truly did forget a piece of their visa documentation. If the US immigration is unable to determine whether the person is entering the United States lawfully, they will require a deferred inspection. US immigration officials have wide discretion when it comes to deferred inspection. If the immigration official does not find the immigrant’s story or history credible or believes that the immigrant is attempting to enter the United States unlawfully, they can detain the immigrant and potentially begin the deportation process. Deferred inspection is far more desirable than detainment.

If an immigrant is required to go through a deferred inspection, the US immigration official will require the immigrant to show up at a deferred inspection center at a later date. There are 70 deferred inspection centers across the United States. At the deferred inspection center, the immigrant will need to produce all of their immigration documents to show that they entered the United States lawfully. If there is a clerical error on the documentation, the deferred inspection center may be able to fix it. If the immigrant produces all of their immigration documents and shows they entered the country lawfully, the matter will be concluded. If the person is unable to produce their full immigration documentation or does not show up to the deferred inspection center on the date required, they can be detained by immigration authorities.

Deferred inspections have the potential to result in severe consequences, and it is in the immigrant’s best interest to retain the help of an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that the deferred inspection goes smoothly.

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